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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Road Trip Knitting

It may be approaching one hundred degrees here in Portland, but that doesn't mean we should stop knitting. A sure way to get lots of knitting done and finish those works in progress is to get out of town. Why not pack up your yarn and needles and take a road trip?

First, you need a willing driver. A spouse, partner or friend will do. Then, you are free to lounge in the passenger seat, take in the scenery and knit to your heart's content.
I took a road trip to California last week and found that the trip was the perfect opportunity to jump start my knitting. As I mentioned before on the blog, I was feeling a bit stuck with my knitting, particularly that large cream-colored stockinette and seed stitch vest. However, after eight hours in the car the first day of our trip...Voila! I finished and cast off.
The next day, I cast on for a ribbed hat for a friend who is living with cancer. I wanted a simple watchman's cap and I found the perfect pattern on Ravelry - the Jacques Cousteau Hat, a free pattern from a Finnish designer with a simple K3, P2 rib and a decrease that creates an interesting crown design. I used one of my favorite yarns from the shop - Blue Sky Alpacas Suri Merino and I believe it will be the perfect yarn - soft and warm and luscious with no scratchiness.
This hat pattern provided perfect car knitting - a simple rib with minimal shaping and no fancy stitches. And, it kept my fingers warm as I knit by the fire at our campsite.
I was feeling ambitious and I didn't want to be without a new project, so I also brought some Ella Rae Classic for a shawl. Sadly, I did not get to this. However, my hat is wrapped to give to my friend and my vest is ready for seaming. And, I feel liberated by the freedom to start a new knitting project to take with me on my next summer road trip.

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